When the heart is simple, people will be happy.
The real reason for being unhappy, I woke up after watching it.
Live a life of ease with a willing attitude.
Everything will pass! (good text in depth)
I hope you go both ways, serious, long-term love, and cherish.
The difference between love and love is really obvious.
Marriage is the happiness of two people, not the grievance of one.
When you get married, you must depend on your family circumstances.
The journey of life is long and tortuous, so you must walk side by side with the right person.
The best way to get along with others: respect is standard, reliability is high, and kindness is top.
You have all the looks I like.
"2020 Valentine's Day out of order strategy"
Exploding fire is just an opportunity, what is difficult is the process of waiting, and the ability to grasp it in the end.
A year after Ding Zhen became popular, his home became like this.
It is beautiful that someone in this world warms you and misses you.
The more things you have at home, the more prosperous you will be. See if you have any!
Face it calmly, ignore it, and be yourself.
What really kills a relationship is not quarrel or deceit, but...