May you have the ability to prop up the sky above your head.
Really smart women are often very good at spending money.
May you have good physical and mental health, and may you be free and magnanimous.
The top level of health care is not sleep, not exercise, but.
For the rest of our lives, may we all meet people who match our souls.
If you reply to your Wechat like this, please make a deep acquaintance for the rest of your life.
May you cut through the difficulties and forge ahead for the rest of your life.
Three words, write all one's life (profound)
Over a long period of time, polish yourself into a better and more independent person.
You will meet whoever you are.
Keep self-discipline and use your heart actively, and life will take a turn for the better.
People are at a low ebb, the most amazing ability
Only by learning to compare your heart to heart can you win the hearts of the people.
The highest level of self-cultivation (good in depth)