Lost love and time, can not be rewind.
"Song Hye-kyo and Song Joong-Ki can no longer be separated."
Shallow intersection, a touch of joy.
For the rest of my life, I just want to be with comfortable people.
When there is a limit to everything, it is a disaster to go too far.
People who are too kind-hearted are hardly rewarded.
I do not ask you to have the light of genius, only wish you peace and happiness all your life.
Tracking 14 children for 56 years, the result is heartbreaking: if nothing happens, your child will eventually be ordinary!
In life, success lies in moderation, failure in excess, and error in error.
After middle age, don't "show off" these things in moments. They seem to have face, but in fact they are very cheap!
May you cook morning tea in spring, watch lotus in summer, harvest fallen leaves in autumn and enjoy snow in winter.
It turns out that this is called "the law of unworthiness"!
Don't worry about it, laugh for the rest of your life.
Put (depth good text)
For the rest of my life, cherish the people in front of me and live well every day.
Never eat rotten pears.
Let nature take its course and live a life of ease.
For the rest of my life, put what should be put and forget what should be forgotten