May you meet someone who really knows you are cold and warm, and go to the stars and sea together.
For the rest of my life, shoes should fit, and people should be in tune.
There are two words engraved on the back of all the glamour-self-discipline.
It turns out that this is "Duck's Law" (good text in depth)
It is convenient for others step by step, and all the good things in the world will be closely linked to you.
The weak dismantle the stage, the strong make up the stage, and the wise set up the stage.
The more useless, the more advanced.
The most "useless" people are often the best.
Eat three meals a day to cure the tired heart.
The happiness of your life is hidden in your bowl.
​ believes that Louis Koo's choice, whether it is marriage or divorce, is for happiness.
Gu Tianle divorce rushed to hot search, the son is 10 years old, the wife is her unexpectedly!
The poor life needs their own sugar, and the tired body and mind need their own holiday.
If you are tired, take a leave of absence from life
You don't have to be reluctant to love, but you have to be responsible for marriage.
Please tell your children: when you get married, you must stay away from these four families!
May you treat others gently and reap a comfortable relationship.
The most comfortable relationship for adults: no showing off, no questioning, no coercion